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This blog will be recollecting my journey, with my better-ever- half , which was abruptly stopped by the cruelest fate, deciding that she should be better off from me. Santhamma might have alighted down well before me, but her soul travel will continue with me till my end., guiding and motivating me throughout..


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Avadhar

Santhamma, your new Avadhar in your present Janma as Harsha, our grand daughter is growing well with the meticulous care & concern and scrupulous follow up by our daughter and the baby’s mother Rama. Poor girl is doing many sacrifices for her child-be it her food , sleep and other comforts. Otherwise the baby would not have picked up from the below weight to normal. You should be proud of having a caring mother and father for you in this Janma. It is said that the grand parents come back to this world after their death. It is not they but their unfulfilled desires and ambitions take shape for rebirth, without which the karma account will not get settled. After all we get children for settlement of our karmic accounts .
Harsha resembles you in many bodily structures and postures –be it the shape of the chubby cheeks & chin and the postures of the raised hands, folding and spread of the legs while sleeping. I would be wondering of the creation of GOD, while observing the baby and the movements. All your unfulfilled desires – longing of parental care, love& affection , the craving for richness which I could not give to the extent you expected.( Of course you and I know the limitations due to our family commitments . I was planning to give all you longed for .Alas you were then snatched away from me suddenly by the cruel fate.) I will continue that in your present janma as Harsha, the angel that has entered in our family. No doubt you will be showered with the love and affection by Rama & Kumar as the most caring parents. You are blessed with that, and we too, to have you again in our family. People say that you were not fortunate to see and pour the love to the grandchild .But , if the intentions of your soul and HIS desires are for you to enter as the baby to Rama , how can you be alive? When you have to be the recipient, how you can be a giver? When you have to be a beneficiary, how can you be a donor of love? If something is lost, then only we can get another. We are only too poor to understand this law of life

No doubt the angel baby will bring many positive transformation in our family to all, bringing good fortune , wealth and happiness. Harsha should have a brother or sister soon thru Subha& Sreedhar for which I make my fervent prayers now.

To meet to love and to part is the saddest tale of human heart –our beloved daughter Rama had been with me for the past fifteen months . I could do whatever possible from my side and arranging the maximum for her comforts and for the angel baby after her arrival. Of course I can’t compensate the motherly affection that should have been given by you , if you were alive. But I could do the maximum , without letting her feel for the comforts. I did not do any but HE and your SOUL were with me behind, enabling me to with stand the trials and tribulations. I used to wonder how it were possible .If HE and your soul were with me who can be against us? More than anything else the enormous patience , extraordinary conviction exercised by Rama ,the two strengths given by HIM, were the motivation for me, without that I could not have done anything at all.. Hats off to our daughter Rama. Harsha’s angelic face , her smile and her body movements reverberate in my mind. She has left for Dubai to be taken care by her affectionate father , who has also done much sacrifice –be it food, comforts for the sake of the baby longed for .Both the parents’ sacrifice have paid dividends-as your new Avadhar. You should excel to be a shrewd, intelligent –jack of all trade girl –sakala kala valli- as I use to tell Rama often,. You will and you should. Your parents and your grand father ( this poor man if he has more longevity) in your new Avadhar will be behind you , undoubtedly, Santhamma. I use to feel about their absence but will soon overcome with the feeling that all are inevitable. They have left for betterment. I also think now that you also left this world for betterment in the next Janma. All destined by HIM. We are too ignorant to understand those facts.When our two daughters are contacting me , pouring their love and affection thru the telecom daily what is the necessity for lamenting? Instead of building up that strength, what is the use of worrying about the have-nots? Converting the threat of loneliness into an opportunity of doing many useful deeds and ideals is the need of my present hour. I have realized now and I strive for that indeed.

I am seeing you in Harsha and also in all the noble deeds of Shanthanjali Trust., which will be officially registered during next week. See the beauty. You were very sensitive and our near and dear call you as roshakkaari .Somehow the process of registration of the trust got delayed , I did not realize the reason at that time. Now I found. You know how? We got the mediclaim reimbursement for your treatment after my Bagiratha Prayarthanam ( as termed by Rama) by moving up to LIC Ombudsman panel. I decided long back that amount should go to your trust. It is your soul’s wish and HIS wish too that the Shanthanjali Trust can be registered only after the credit of the above amount got in your favour. Such was your sensitiveness. I am sure you will arrange for the pouring of funds for many noble deeds to be executed with the Shanthanjali Trust. If Santhamma is with me in that endeavour , why I and other trustees should bother?

Home should be the center and not the periphery of our action. I will follow that ideal thru that trust . I am sure I can lead the rest of my life peacefully with that purpose –the rest may mean days or months or years, I don’t bother .EEETHAL ISAIPADA VAZTHAL My living should be meaningful, purposeful to many not only to my near and dear. You proved that in your last janma, which I should also follow during the rest of my life. For that reason only, I long for more physical & mental stamina remaining as self reliant –physically, mentally , financially and psychologically . Will your noble soul and HIS divine grace be with me for that , till my last breath? I am sure they will. My fervent prayers are for that only, Santhamma.