Un Ninaive Oru Sangeetham…….

This blog will be recollecting my journey, with my better-ever- half , which was abruptly stopped by the cruelest fate, deciding that she should be better off from me. Santhamma might have alighted down well before me, but her soul travel will continue with me till my end., guiding and motivating me throughout..


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear Santhamma

Santhamma. I am talking to you after a gap of four months. A huge gap indeed.

Lot of good things have happened. Rama is on the family way. Our dreams have come true. You should come out as a boy or girl without any trouble from her womb.
Poor girl is missing the motherly love & affection from you. When HE decides that you should be inside her womb how can she get? Under doctor’s advice she should be under complete rest with the exception of her daily routines. We engaged a cook after much trial & error one Lakshmi was regular . Unfortunately she has to be at Kumbakonam for her sister’s delivery. As promised she could not return. We are somehow managing with the items given by one Mami who prepared for your Anniversary functions. With the help of Bommi’s ( our servant maid) relative girl I am managing. Your deposit of good deeds yields the returns thru somebody or other .HE is great and YOUR noble deeds are great.

Rama worries toooooo much about the baby .probably her miscarriage on her seemantham day might have made her think like that. It is YOU who should give more courage and will power to her .Pl do and be with her in her mind..

I am doing my twin duty as a father and mother. What all I was not used to when you were alive( I thought all were not my cups of tea) I start doing now. Be it washing the clothings of Rama, drying and arranging nicely. ,preparing vegetable soup,. sundal daily arranging her hot water bath etc. Poor girl feels very much hungry and we have to give something at regular intervals. We can give food , and all other infrastructures but she has to be confident , bold . When you are inside her , why she should feel like that?. Child is the father of man. You should instill that courage to her

Ramalakshmi, my sister from Varanasi came to Chennai. In spite of my request to her to be with me at this crucial juncture , when the domestic help is away , she did not respond positively. That is world. The hard teacher, experience, gives many tests and useful lessons and this episode is one such. OORAI THERINCHUKITTEN ULAHAM PURINCHUKITTEN KANMANI AN KANMANI . That song sung by Rajni Kanth in a Tamil film comes to my mind. At least actor Rajni had his life partner by his side to console. To whom I should go excepting your soul.? PL give me the mental stamina, of course that is the one gift I am getting in plenty after your departure from this world.HE has made me identify the true colour of so many-kith & kins, friends, relatives and so on which makes me not sad but equipping me with more fortitude.

I was reading one of the great pieces of the Tamil writer Kalki -Sivakamiyin sabhatham There he gives a message as told by the great Saivite Thirunavukarasar

What we think as happiness or sorrow are not real happiness or sorrow : all due to the maya created by the bondage ( pasam as we call in Tamil). If we overcome that bondage no happiness or sorrow-all are same. we will attain that bliss of reaching HIM.

Very difficult to reach that state but it is not that much impossible . I can attain that state surely .With HIS & YOUR blessings Rama should give birth a child safely and I should see a child for Subha soon. I will lead a an active public life for another four or five years After wards I want to settle at Thiruvannamalai , the place which gives Moksha on remembering that name. My last days will be at that place only . As I pray before my daily meditation , my last moment will be on that place and on the most auspicious day for Lord Siva , my favourite GOD , the Mahashivarathri day after my healthy and fervent prayers to HIM. Whether it is another ten years or more ( which is known to HIM and to YOU only) I should lead a wealthy& healthy life without dependence on any-
physically , mentally, financially & psychologically. I should be able to help others with the above four . This is the fervent prayer I make to HIM daily, which I am sure will be granted.

UN NINAIVE ORU SANGEETHAM- I could not do any service when you were carrying Rama in your womb, since you were away to take rest at your mother’s place. I am happy that I am able to do that service to you when you are in her womb.
I was sad at that time and I am very happy now . I thank YOU and HIM for that nice opportunity .I was told by my friend Vaal Raghu , immediately on informing the happy news of Rama being on the family way, that YOU came on the dreams of his wife
Geetha , your friend, and told her that Rama is on the family way and she( Geetha) should help her. It had happened exactly on the day of the confirmation by the doctor about the happy news.. YOU are great indeed. When are you going to come on my dreams? As an answer I am able to hear YOU saying –what is the necessity of coming in dreams when I am always with you in each & every act of yours? That is true Santhamma. Absolutely true. Otherwise I should have been nowhere after your departure from this world..

Bye now