Un Ninaive Oru Sangeetham…….

This blog will be recollecting my journey, with my better-ever- half , which was abruptly stopped by the cruelest fate, deciding that she should be better off from me. Santhamma might have alighted down well before me, but her soul travel will continue with me till my end., guiding and motivating me throughout..


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Trials &Tribulations

It is almost 21 months since you left us Santhamma. It is seven months since your soul has entered the womb of our daughter Rama.

Poor girl, longing for the motherly care& concern , which I am trying to compensate, to the best of my ability and skill. HIS grace and the blessings of your soul are with me, guiding , consoling and motivating me at all times, at this crucial hours of greater responsibility. You are idling safer at your daughter’s womb, for which we are taking all our efforts. God-sent cook Santhanam who nourishes Rama with his nice food items, with her meticulous choice( en excel sheet of daily menu was made by Subha & Rama for the guidance of the cook) and the sisterly care of Maheswari , our servant maid Bommi’s sister’s daughter. The family of Bommi might have owed to us in their previous Janma, which it is repaying now. All goes well and should with the rest of the 90 days. I use to tell all that you will be born as a male child to Rama on the date of birth of your second daughter and at your star in your last Janma-falling on 31st July.
We await that day.
It is said that parents get children for the settling of Karma accounts and it is true with my case in respect of my two daughters. Subha, pours her love & affection daily thru telephone and she feels a lot for not being able to help me.I use to tell her that her love & affection, care & concern compensate her absence in multiples . She might have owed a lot in her previous janma to me which she repays in the present janma and I might have owed a lot to Rama in my Previous Janma , which I am repaying now. The only thing is that both of us are doing it with the utmost sincerity and devotion, from the bottom most of our heart-not as a duty but with passion.
The fruit of our efforts will be realized on the day of seeing you as a child to Rama. All the trials and tribulations, I have undergone , will be totally forgotten on that Joyful moment, like a student getting centum in Maths after the hectic preparation.

UN NINAIVE ORU SANGETHAM- to day ( 6-06-08) is the star birth day of yours and as usual we have family functions where we have grand meals with all. Yes Kalyani Chithi’s grandson Shreyas’( son of Cheema& Shoba) upanayanam function falls on this day and we all gather . We will be remembering you on that grand occasion.

We had shashtiaptha Bhoorthy for my brother Rajamani , which was celebrated grandly.
I did my prayers for his & manni’s good health and long life on that day. Recited Rudram along with vedic scholars .That ambition could not be fulfilled in respect of your sister Thaila’s father-in-law’s Sadabishekam, due to the untimely demise of her mother-in-law. I was consoled atleast with my brother’s 60th birth day function