Un Ninaive Oru Sangeetham…….

This blog will be recollecting my journey, with my better-ever- half , which was abruptly stopped by the cruelest fate, deciding that she should be better off from me. Santhamma might have alighted down well before me, but her soul travel will continue with me till my end., guiding and motivating me throughout..


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

HE is meticulous programmer

Santhamma, recent happenings , in this world will be updated to you. Mandi Srinivasan after a hectic battle with lung cancer passed away on a Monday. Monday may be a day of leaving this world for good people, it may be HIS wish. A good soul who was toiling for the company he was working for. How the company is going to help his family especially his not-so developed son. In a way I am better and well off .I use to recollect the saying-I was in blues, since I had no shoes, until I see a man in the street who had no legs. Life is an event of consolation and compromise. I made my self consoled with my state of mind compared to his. Mandi wept from his heart last time when I visited him before his death. .He made a remark that a widower is a zero after the separation. Whether I will be a zero or with your backing all the ways and all the days I am going to make my life meaningful –the time will be the witness. Surely the latter will become the reality,. with HIS blessings and with your good soul wishes. I am sure and I pray for that too.

Things have started moving in that direction. I have joined with ATMA GNANAYOGA TRUST to do free programme for students, for which we have started the job.

The long –cherished programme of mine KARMIC INTELLIGENCE got flagged off at Tuticorin, at PALMS , which was well received and made me satisfied. As I have been repeatedly telling, all the major proceeds out of that programme will be spent for the charity , which I am planning to start under your goodself name SANTHA TRUST, on 18-09-07 , your first anniversary day. I am happy that the Jaycee movement , that has been instrumental for my well being , has put the PILLAYAR CHUZHI for your trust. I wish and pray that trust will serve for so many needy, telling your name in all the days to come , irrespective of my presence in this world or not. I am also happier on that Saturday , 12th August, when I gave a guest lecture at Sagar Sadan the guest house of SPIC .You remember my oath that I will enter SPIC FACTORY premises only as a faculty. It was made to happen on your star day, the Punarpoosam star. It is HIS and your good soul’s wish for that.

HE is a meticulous programmer in all. HE does with utmost precision well in advance. We are only ignorant on each. The moment we land on this world, on a transit visa, the expiry date of which HE only knows , each and every thing is very meticulously planned well in advance by HIM.

Take my case of learning the house hold activities. HE has planned about my being alone in 2006, HE has made a solid ground for that in 1966, well before 40 yrs when my mother died and I was to help my father in household activities. Even when I was enjoying your tastier and different varieties of food , I was keeping aloof from going too many with my self imposed restrictions. Probably HE might be prepared for me to this lonely state , so that I can control my tongue. You remember you used to ridicule that I have been taking these ayurvedic items like ANJAL , SAMAHAN, THOODHUVALAI , NILAVEMBU etc. In fact they are in handy now for me to keep my health better.

The Jaycee movement , which I started as a pastime , and using the training sessions as my service to students and society became my profession. Now it has become my passion. The students and the other participants whom I see during my training sessions make me forget my worries and the loneliness. I get enthused in being the company of many. As Swami Parthasarathy says in his GITA discourse, home should be the centre and not the periphery of our action. HE has made my life meaningful in sharing my knowledge and skill in teaching( a gift bestowed by HIM) with the needy. He has thought about it well in advance in 1986 , twenty years before the tragedy HE planned to give in my life. What a meticulous programmer HE is?

After Rama’s marriage, I was somehow attracted towards religious and spiritual activities, thanks to Ananatharama mama of Indian Airlines . I was the youngest. Sometimes I used to think why I am fascinated towards this rigorous religious activities, which is normally a post–retirement activity for average human beings like me. The answer for these HE has kept with HIM and disclosed after your departure. HE has mentally prepared me to withstand the crude shock , HE planned to give it to me. A spiritually strong person can face the hurdles and difficulties. HE is making me to move in that direction. That may be the preparation HE gave it me in terms of the spiritual programme which I and Subha attended just before her marriage. The timely warning and the measures of overcoming my problems in health as given by the astrologer Chandrasekar was HIS intention. His motivation and positive direction are all a source of GOD-sent inspiration. On the same grounds , immediately after my shifting to Ashoknagar , the yoga programme and the subsequent association with the Guruji Narayanan has been as per HIS will and direction. If at all , I get more meaning and purpose to my life even after the gruesome tragedy of your departure and my being alone
it is because of that Guruji. He is a role model for me, sent by HIM. As you know , I am an ardent devotee of LORD SHIVA .It is the Lord SWARNAPUREESWARA who made my mind very tough on that fateful day 18-09-06 , when I fell before HIM to decide about your future. HE made me to take the most painful decision in my life-to withdraw the life support for you in the hospital, but for that your soul should have been tortured more.
After my recent pilgrimage to Thiruvannamalai and visit to Ramanasramam , my mind wanders around that place. Two days back , one rich, pious and highly spiritual person called Dr. Selvaraj ,an ardent devotee of Ramana Maharishi , referred by PK.Venkatraman of our Rudram group , visited our place. HE gave me the opportunity of sharing my training skills and techniques with that person, about which he told your being is shown by Lord Arunachala to me. His spiritual association I am sure will be much beneficial, since both of us are of same wavelength . HE is again proved to be a meticulous programmer.in shaping our life for betterment.

Alas , HE also planned your departure , meticulously. The leptopyrosis you had , might have planted seeds for your departure, after which , your well being , slowly started coming down. The briskness and spirit , you had in SPIC NAGAR dwindled down. As one participant in one of my programmes in Anna institute and a doctor by profession pointed about , your leptopyrosis would have led to HEPATATIS B , which would have erupted suddenly .HE would have planned for your sudden departure thru that .Every time , you fall sick, I used to be by your side and would take care. But it is HIS will and wish that I was prevented from doing so on your last days, my hands and minds were tied due to my being affected with chickun Guniya . What else can explain this other than Karma? When I was narrating this incident to my participants of my recent programme on KARMIC INTELLIGENCE , I could not control myself. HE meticulously plans and executes according to our Karma , which we are not aware of. We cannot rewrite the past but we can do with our future thru our good and unselfish deeds. Probably it may be HIS wish that I should devote more time for the society thru my training programmes. That may be HIS wish and will . that may be the reason for my completing my responsibilities as a father.
Don’t bother more about your daughters. They are well off. Your wife had seen all in that young age. I have taken her towards my abode on that auspicious day-somavara dhuvadasi day in a a Malayapaksham . Her mission in her life is fulfilled-her account balance is nil. You have more negative balance, which has to be settled. Settle that too and come to me. I am showing that path of settlement also to you.
My mind ponders over these very often now and I intend to move in that path , destined by HIM. HE is a meticulous programmer , indeed.

UN Ninaive Oru Sangeetham- I had been to SPIC NAGAR last week. Our olden & golden days , I was able to recollect . You were like a queen in SPIC NAGAR, of which I have also been a part. I am proud of that. Some of the old friends are not even aware of your being away from this world. But your being is always with me , guiding me and inspiring me in each and every activity, in each and every decision I take.-be it my recent decisions on my continuing my classes in a business school or my programmes for a corporate-you make me take the right step. Pl continue to be with me for ever.