Un Ninaive Oru Sangeetham…….

This blog will be recollecting my journey, with my better-ever- half , which was abruptly stopped by the cruelest fate, deciding that she should be better off from me. Santhamma might have alighted down well before me, but her soul travel will continue with me till my end., guiding and motivating me throughout..


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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Santhamma, the much& very eagerly awaited has happened. Rama gave birth to the female child.You have come back to the same family. It should happen. The unfulfilled desires , aspirations and what not can’t be destroyed. Physics says matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Same way desires can’t go into the earth along with the dead body. It has to find a way for that. The theory of Karma too , with which I have a firm belief and with which I have been doing the Karmic Intelligence Programme., dictates that .

Looking back and tracing back my activities with the last 9 months , I am wondering how I was able to support Rama , taking the twin responsibility . People are calling me Thayumanavan I am nothing when compared to her.. The real credit goes to Rama only Because of her extraordinary will power and patience , she could manage and maintain her health throughout the nine crucial months. She was able to control her tongue-at times I might have used my bad tongue with harsh words, that too, to force her to take certain healthy foods. That only had created some tussle between us. Poor child, has withstood more trials and tribulations for the baby in the womb I was trying t o give the healthy foods for the body , mind , soul of the baby thru rich food, & rich spiritual slogas, songs and music. .Only a very few mothers would have done that. Her patience and persistence have paid the dividends.

Harsha , that Dhava Pudhalvi has been born. Rosy, brisky girl child has been given by HIM. That name has been coined by her parents ( a common name for a boy or a girl) a few months back. , a combination of her maternal grandparents name. When Rama explained the reason behind that name, I was much overwhelmed. The fruit of our hard efforts will be felt with the deserving recognition from the concerned. I am blessed to have such a caring daughter and son –in-law. The efforts directed at the aimed goal , when hit the target , will make us forget the strenuous efforts. It is HE and your soul who have given the physical and mental stamina in my journey towards my desired goal in the last 9 months.

Do you know Santhamma, just a few days back of Harsha’s birth , a desire to float a management consultancy with the exact name of HARSHA ( Harsha Management Solutions as it is going to be registered) with another worthy partner of same wavelength and similar skill of mine came to my mind . What a coincidence , indeed? Like the grandchild, that brain child of ours will have a bright future. I seek your blessings for that.

We should thank Dr. Jeyarani , with her ever- smiling face. for her meticulous care ,
Iwas somehow conditioned to the different aspects of the hospital – their hard-working doctors with their para-medical staff , the melodious music spreading through the lift path, the word –ayamma( the support staff ladies) all have registered in my mind. Even though HE is the Creator , HE delegates HIS major jobs to these kind of team .Thanks to those team and I bow to them.

To meet to love and to part is the saddest tale of human heart. Even though I should not think that, my mind starts worrying about the torturous loneliness , that is in evitable say after another four months. After your departure from this world, Rama was with me for 3 months, immediately I went to Dubai to be with her. I was undergoing loneliness from Feb- Aug ’07 after wards Rama has been there with me . I have been doing my assigned responsibilities to my beloved daughter . That is the period which taught many useful lessons- physical, mental & psychological .That is the period which taught many

Wonderful lessons on patience . Your soul and HIS grace were with me. If GOD and Santhamma’s soul be with me, who can be against me? Each and every step we took, each and every decision we planned all proved to be worth while. A journey of thousands miles starts with the single step. The pleasant part of that journey is the birth of Harsha
With the star of the Lord Mahavishnu. Mahalakshmi has entered into our house with the star of her Lord . Let HARSHA bring all the fortune , peace and happiness to all concerned. HE should give more years to me to witness not only Harsha’s progress but also the progress of the child to be born to Sreedhar-Suba. and also the progress of HARSHA Management Solutions.and Shanthanjali Trust. With your blessings , my efforts should spread to others outside our family. Home should be the center of our action . and not its periphery in action.. Shanthanjali Trust should spread its wings in all possible directions.

Un Ninaive Oru Sangeetham

We are seeing you in Harsha. Karma theory says that people leave this world to come back for undertaking the unfulfilled mission. You have miles to go miles to go It is yet another journey for you through Harsha. How long I will be there with your resumed journey HE and your soul alone know . One thing I wish to point out at this moment of joyfulness –I have many more promises to keep many more promise to keep. I have done my duties to my daughters to my satisfaction. I will uphold my responsibilities not only to them but to the deserving and to the society, in all the future through HARSHA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS , and Shanthanjali Trust., for which I crave for your blessings and spiritual support . No doubt you will pour that out..